What is Thermocrete?

Thermocrete is a revolutionary process which allows your existing chimney to be lined without any construction work.

Repair the chimney flue.

Thermocrete is a premium, durable ceramic liner for use in the repair, restoration, and energy conversion of chimneys and chimney flues.

How does it work?

Thermocrete is a lightweight but incredibly strong monolithic refractory cement used to strengthen and repair chimneys. It works by filling in all the holes and cracks in one go whilst also strengthening and restoring your chimney from the inside. The installation is quick and easy and is usually completed in a day.

Benefits of thermocrete

  • Allows your chimney to be lined from the outside without disturbing any structure in the home.
  • Actually reinforces the structure of your chimney and prevents further deterioration.
  • Is environmentally friendly.

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