What Is Smoke Tite And How Does It Work?

Smok Tite is a ceramic product, which means it holds up exceptionally well to the heat produced in your firebox. It’s also designed to be sprayed onto chimney smoke chambers. It can allow professional chimney technicians to install the product without the masonry or component removal that would usually come before a parging job.

Smoke Testing

This helps determine where your chimney may be having operational issues that can cause deadly heating and smoke leaks. It is made up of many parts and chambers that make the system work properly. In order for the system to work safely and efficiently, every part, every component, and every space. The system should be installed correctly and constructed properly.

Easy to install

A Smoke Tite repair covers your smoke chamber in a smooth ceramic layer. It is easy to install using a convenient spray system, and will only be applied where we want it.

Smoke shelf

The smoke chamber also has a smoke shelf which prevents the smoke from falling back into the firebox. Too much smoke in the home can cause respiratory issues that will cost way more than a chimney repair.

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