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A fireplace can become a statement piece, so making sure you choose the right one is essential in creating a warm and stylish atmosphere. Fireplace surrounds can be as classic as Greek columns, Roman arches, or Tuscan entablatures; Victorian Gothic Reviva

What is a fireplace surround?

Fireplaces are made up of many different parts and components.

  • Mantel – the flat ‘shelf’ which sits horizontally above the fireplace opening.
  • Legs – a straightforward one, the legs are the two vertical pillars which support the mantel.
  • Corbel – the corbel is a bracket or block which extends out from the wall and supports the mantel.
  • Bevel – a bevel is another stylistic addition to the fireplace surround. It generally refers to an angled transition on the edge of a fireplace and isn’t necessarily found on all surrounds.
  • Bolection moulding– this is a term which is sometimes used to refer to raised details on a surround. Ag
  • Cornice – the cornice is the ornamental detail that is found along the edge of the mantel.
  • Plinth – also referred to as the ‘foot’, the plinth is usually an enhanced section at the bottom of each ‘leg’ of the fireplace surround.

Pine fireplace surrounds

Visual appearance-  pine is a very beautiful wood. But, in contrast to oak, pine encompasses a broader range of colours

Strength– Pine is a strong wood.

Resistance to wear–  Pine is also resistant to wear and will provide many years’ service provided it is used in the correct environment.

Weight- pine tends to be considerably lighter.

How to Choose the Right Size Fire Surround

The main thing to take into consideration when working out the size of fire surround for your room is the width of the chimney breast.

What Is Behind A Fireplace Surround?

A fireplace surround is an ornamental frame that adorns and encloses a hearth area. The purpose of this structure varies in function but serves as both decoration and utility.

Four Most Popular Materials for a Fireplace Surround

Mix it up

When you’re planning your fireplace surround, you can always use more than one material. Think about a stone surrounded by an elegant wooden mantel. A marble hearth with minimalist stone legs.


It will draw the eye and stand the test of time.  Check out marble. This timeless substance has been a trusted material for fireplace surrounds for centuries, and for good reason.


A steel fireplace surround can add a modern look to any home and even add a nice décor transition for homes that are decorated in a more traditional style.


Concrete is an extremely versatile (and cost-effective) material that comes in a massive variety of colors and textures.


You’re rustling up rustic charm with larger, more eclectic options, there’s no wrong way to build with stone.

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