What do we have to know before installing a chimney?

  1. Chimney’s size
  2. Space between chimneys and stoves
  3. Duct of the chimney
  4. Hole drilling on the wall for the chimney duct
  5. Installation charges

How far does a chimney have to be from a wall?

Typically a chimney must be at least 12-18 inches away from the wall. Anything less, can make grease particles accumulate on the wall. A kitchen chimney near the window, might be installed. While cooking, you will have greater access to natural light.

A fresh and clean kitchen

Having a chimney in the kitchen will prevent the kitchen walls and ceiling from turning greasy and yellowish in colour due to cooking fumes. Everyday cooking produces a lot of oily and smoke. A chimney extracts all of these particles at the source before they spread to your kitchen and the rest of the house. This will keep the house free of odour.

How high should a stove pipe be above the roof?

Consider the 3-2-10 rule, which governs a chimney’s height above roofs. In general, any chimney, stove pipe, or other heating exhaust vent, should be at least 3 feet (1 metre) above the roofline or 2 feet (61 centimetres), above any section of the structure within a 10-foot (3-meter) radius.

Type of installation

Installations will vary. Determine if the installation is a through-the-roof or through-the-wall installation. A through-the-wall installation requires additional components (Wall Thimble, Tee w/Cap, Tee Support, and Wall Straps). Install the chimney pipe in the interior of the structure whenever possible. A cold exterior chimney will produce less draft and will generate more creosote. A straight vertical installation is more efficient.

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